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Find your inner superhero!

Superdudes is a children’s entertainment group, live show and featured book which celebrates imagination and creativity, written and lead by former Hi-5 star Stevie Nicholson & his partner Tanika Anderson.

The show focuses on capturing the imagination of children in a playful and engaging way. Based on the philosophy that absolutely anyone and anything can be super, Superdudes fulfils each child with the energy to discover their own powers by becoming a superhero on the inside and out. 

Almost everyone wanted to be a superhero at one point in their childhood and the Superdudes embraces every part of that dream through encouraging the kids of today to fulfil that dream. The heroes from Superdudes excite the children to participate in their live shows in an imaginative, explorative and non-violent way. 

The best part about Superdudes is that each child is encouraged to draw and send in to the team their own Superdude, with the silliest and most creative characters to be featured on the Superdudes socials & in their new books. 

So come along on an adventure and meet Wheels, who is super fast and loves to race. Dive in the water and say hi to Merman Man or take a ride on Trainbow to visit Pencil Pirate… but watch out for Bubble Trouble!

Stevie’s Superdudes are about to become the fastest growing children’s show to perform across Australia.


Stay Super... Dudes!

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